Khyargas Lake

Khyargas Lake is a mineral lake located in the Great Lakes Depression, Uvs province.

It is a permanent lake with no outflow, and the lake is saturated with a huge amount of saline solution.

The longest length of the lake is 75 kilometers, the width is 31 kilometers, the water surface is 1028 meters above sea level. The Lake is the second main lake in western Mongolia, and also one of the 4 lakes in Mongolia that have a surface area of over 1000 km².

Going a little deeper from the shore of the lake, it will be 40-50 meters deep. The deepest reaches 80 meters. The Khyargas lake is characterized by a tectonic depression, with a large coastline. 

      The lake is rich in Altai otters, Ottomans, Mongolian grayling, scorpions, and yellow fish, so it is the main food for birds nesting in Hetsuu Khad. There are very rare black geese, gulls and Altai gulls, and Mongolian grayling. 


Khetsuu Khad:
In the eastern part of Khyargas Lake, there are high cliffs up to 20meters on the shore of the lake, and underwater of the lake, its cliff is 5-7 kilometers long. The rocky area is called Khetsuu Khad due to its difficulty walking on that scatted rock on the shore of the lake. Thus it’s called Khetsuu, which means “difficult or hard” in Mongolia.
      Some of the peaks protrude from the water and look like an island. The protruding top is a paradise for waterfowl, where they build their nests and lay their eggs.


Khyargas lake Natural Park

The lake was designated as a Natural Park in 2000 and covers a total area of ​​3,328 km². In addition to Khyargas Lake, Airag Lake is included in the protection.



There is a legend that the spirit of Khyargas Lake is a big blue bull. Every autumn he comes out of the depths of the lake and goes to one of a nomad family, and the cows of the family where the bull join grow.


In Khyargas Lake
In Khyargas Lake
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